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Muzo Stone

Shaman-Blessed Raw Emeralds for Luck, Peace & Prosperity

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Shaman Blessed

Shaman Blessed

Sanctified by local Shamans, each Muzo Stone raw emerald is imbued with blessings intended to enrich the wearer's life with enhanced luck, peace, and prosperity. Embark on your journey and let the stone pave your way.

Handcrafted in Muzo, Colombia

Handcrafted in Muzo, Colombia

Every Muzo Stone bracelet is handcrafted and features a raw emerald from the mines of Muzo. No two stones are the same; each raw emerald is unique, with its own character and story right from the earth.

Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Muzo Stone is committed to positively impacting Muzo, Colombia. We partner with 'Asociacion de Victimas de Muzo' to fund essential services and community development projects, including medical support for injured miners and educational programs for local children. A portion of every sale directly supports these efforts.

Customer Reviews

Alignment & Peace

Wearing my Muzo Stone bracelet has brought alignment and peace to my life.

Jordan S. - New York, NY

Very Fashionable

A friend gifted me the Fura bracelet, and it's been a favorite ever since. Very fashionable and even the box felt special.

Sophia P. - Miami, FL

Love Our Bracelets

My partner and I love our bracelets as they symbolize our unity and shared journey toward a prosperous life.

Alexis J. - Austin, TX

Days Have Just Gotten Better

This might sound crazy, but ever since I received my Muzo Stone bracelet, my days have just gotten better. I feel a positive vibe whenever I wear it, plus it looks really cool!

Maria G. - San Francisco, CA

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